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Pamela was born in Ostend by the sea in Belgium and is now living in the centre of Antwerp. Although she does spend a lot of her time visiting London. She is 28 years old.

For several years she was the leading girl in a Belgian contact magazine 'X-Kiss'. Eddy Lipstick was the person who got her involved by asking her to appear in the magazine. Eddy was also doing hardcore adult movies. Now Eddy and Pamela have brought out their own magazine the fabulous 'Trans Lips' magazine which is one of the hottest magazines around.

Pamela is not only the Editor of the fabulous new Translips Magazine but she also runs the adult website -, which is full of great photos & live webcam video's. And in her spare time! She fulfils her desire of being an Escort.

Here are some of her vital statistics:

Name : Pamela

Born : 22nd of May some years ago

Living : Antwerp (Belgium)

Weight : 69 kg

Height : 180cm

Shoesize : 41/42

Eyes : Blue

Hair : sometimes blond sometimes brown

Favorite Perfume : Hugo Boss (Women) & Armani (White)

Favorite clothing : Everything sexy ,my white mini skirt and my pink body

Music : R&B , salsa , good old disco mmmm

Car : Mercedes C 220 Black ,BMW 3 , anybody there who can miss one for me :)

Likes : Good food in a nice restaurant with good company, sex in the outside, and sex in a cady (car), poppers is also nice when having good sex, good perfume, sexy clothes on me

Dislikes : Animal abuse, child abuse, shoes that hurt, people who lie to me and make false promises to me

Dreams : Having my own shop someday in clothes

Future : Have the hottest site on the net, making me own adult movies

Favorite island : Ibiza

Want to go to : Brazil , Phuket , LA ...

Favorite animal : A dog ( bobtail ) used to have one at home, he's name was Kawa ( from Kawasaki)

Scary animals : snakes brrrrrr , spiders brrrrrrrr

Music group National : Milk inc., Kate Ryan, Natalia

Music group International : Marco Borsato, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, George Michael, Cristina Aquilera, destiny's child, and so many more ...

Favorite food : Everything my mother makes you have to come eat there, but otherwise I like Italian food a lot

Favorite Belgian Party : The T-Girl Party at New Riddershof every month (last wednesday )

Favorite foreign clubs : France ( Escualita ); UK ( The Way Out Club ); Holland ( Mystique )


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