Gia Darling

Gia Darling International Porn Star

Hello all you sexy people out there! Okay let me tell you a bit about me...

I am a twenty something TS girl from sunny California. I have been living as a female since I was 15 years old. I went to school as a girl and had a regular job until I met a director named Roy Alexandre who brought me into the wonderful and glamorous world of adult films. At that time I was a shy and innocent little girl (wipe that smirk of your face! LOL) so I started working as his front office girl. It was a hard job but hey someone had to do it! Between the phone and filing my nails I kept myself busy. Eventually I was talked into doing a photo shoot for him and I saw how different I could look on camera so it intrigued me and next thing you know... Gia Darling is born! I had learned a lot from working with Roy, being with him at shoots and all that stuff. I have always admired him as a director and photographer - he has such a wonderful eye for detail. I am far from being a Roy Alexandre but I have learned so much from him that I try to bring his style into my films.

I started directing my first series "Transsexual Beauty Queens" which was a wonderful experience and eventually I moved on to my own company that is now Gia Darling Ent with a lot of work and after looking for all the extra change laying around in my modest compound LOL! I was able to fund my company and bring to you (drum roll please) "Transsexual Heart Breakers" which is an ongoing series thatís up to number #20 now!! I have really enjoyed directing and producing my films they have allowed me to meet wonderful (and not so wonderful) people which is great. I have taken the good and the bad, learned and moved on.

Here is a bit more about me I bet you did not know!!!!

Favorite food: Wow that's not a good question. I love food! I will eat almost anything that is not fish because I am allergic to it (cheap date alert! wink!) but my favorites are Italian and Mexican. I love to cook by the way. See I am the perfect tranny: looks, brains and let's not forget beauty as well! (silly girl) LOL

Favorite designer: Well I am a Louis Vuitton whore (hint hint birthday and xmas! LOL). I love anything that's Louis and as far as clothing I am a simple girl with simple needs. I have a wonderful guy that makes some of my gowns and special event clothing. Other than that you will see me in jeans and a Baby T or a cute little sun dress. I do love to dress up for dinners and parties and stuff like that but for the most part I am a casual girl.

Favorite movies: What can I say? I am a romantic! I want to have a prince and live in a castle and I am sticking to my guns on this one so I love anything that's romantic and sweet - in other words "chick flicks" (ooooooh nooo!!!) LOL! But don't get me wrong, I also love action films and if I am in the company of a gentleman caller I also enjoy a good thriller because I am one of those girls that scares easy and might need strong arms for protection (blush blush).

Favorite pets: Now you're talking as you know I am an animal freeeeeeeeeeeak! I love cats and dogs and birds and anything that I can catch and keep. When I was young I was a tranny version of Froggy from The Little Rascals! I have always had a soft side for animals - they are so wonderful, they give everything to you and all they ask is for a bit of love in return and yes a bit of food and water helps or they don't seem to do to well with just love! LOL!(wink)

Favorite places for travel: Well I love Europe because depending where you go its like your in a story book from castles to wonderful green fields I love it some places you have all the modern living as here in the US but when you look out the window its like your in one of those Disney books I loves me some Europe!!! LOL

What makes Gia mad: well thatís a good one Iím a very easy going girl I rarely get mad I donít see the point I always think if I can fix it then do it if not why make a big deal about it I really think that because of all I had to deal with in my life its made me realize whatís truly important in life and sometimes things are not worth stressing about and yes Iím the same way even when Iím heavy on hormones!!! LOL

What makes Gia happy: well thatís an easy one Iím very easily satisfied as long all is running properly (referring to my business ) I love being home Iím so the home body I love watching movies I love working on my house decorating reading I have a few animals so they keep me busy!!! And if I have a few days off I like to travel I love going to new places taking long weekends at the beach house or just staying home

Iím not a big club girl so Iím always home on the weekends yes its true!!! I have no life!! LOL oooh yes!! And lets not forget my romance with plastic surgery I love it!!! So when I have extra time I go get something done!!!

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