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Hi guys and girls, my name's Alison Dale. I'm a 29 year old 'fully out' T-girl who sees herself as a 'shemale', making me a very happy pre-op transsexual. My birthday is the 5th of June, so being a Gemini seems very appropriate & now I've hit 29, I'll be 29 for at least another 5 years! I'm pretty much in to movies & going to the cinema, some of my favourite film, television & music stars are, Jeri Lynn & Patrick Stewart - Faves from Star Trek Voyager, Amanda Tapping from Stargate, Lauren Bacall, Harrison Ford, Ingrid Bergman, Pamela Anderson to name just a few.

My vital statistics are 36DD:29:42, a little over 6' tall and 13.5st but well proportioned everywhere! I keep fit by running 3 to 5 miles four times a week and playing badminton on Sunday - phew. It's a shame for the US guys who e-mail me (except a lucky one or two) because I'm over-sexed and over here! Typically I adore high heels, (I must admit I do have a bit of a shoe fetish), lace-top stockings, leather, short skirts, very sexy numbers & lovely guys!!

Me, hormones & you! Ok, now I get a lot of questions about hormones, so I've written a little piece here about the things! First thing, don't self medicate, hormones are not only physically dangerous and utterly lethal, but they screw with your head - they are hormones after all, doh! Which is exactly what I started to do about 3 years ago. I was on and off them for 2 years & trying various types that you can get, and can they make you moody or what! They can also cause thrombosis and death - don't fuck....

Fortunately I have a good TS friend who educated me, I found the right hormones for me and also discovered it was the right thing for me. Because you maybe desparate to try hormones doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you, it can easy screw your head up or kill you - so beware! After several months I saw a gender psychologist and my MD, both signed me up as transsexual in less than 10 minutes each! I didn't see each doctor to ask them if I was TS, I already knew that and just wanted to go legit with my hormones and get blood and breast tests to see if I'm still healthy.

A simple rule of thumb from what I've read is that a TS will develop two thirds of their mothers breast development after 2 years of being constantly on hormones. So if your mum is flat chested, stuffing tons of hormones down your throat will not get you tits, but it will stop your penis working! Fortunately my mother had DD breasts by the time she was 16, consequently I was on my way to developing a good C+ pair of tits in some months time (great genes, thank-you mum). It's also given me great skin and slowed body hair growth, but the effects of hormones can be quite different from one person to the next. My results are almost stereotypical.

Lastly, long-term use of hormones will shorten your life, screw your liver & kidneys and possibly make you the moody cow from hell. What I wasn't told at any point, and discovered later, was the 'hormone fatigue syndrome' you develop after several months of being on them. Basically, with very little testosterone in your body, your stamina goes to shit. I could once run 5 miles in under 25 minutes, now it's a struggle to make it under 45 minutes! After lots of feminising surgery, I plan to reduce my hormone intake. A lot of my TS friends have done the same over the years! Another great result of hormones is that it can make you gain weight faster than a diet of snickers, if you don't exercise, your chances of thrombosis (lethal blood clots) go up radically. Hence I go running four time a week (20+ miles) to keep fit, keep weight off and maybe not die early from these drugs!

For the record, I'm on 2 x 1.25Mg Premarin (congugated eostrogen) and 1 x 100Mg Provera daily. You still get full penile function and orgasms, but your labido is a little lower than before and you'll produce sod all sperm/fluids after several months of use! Have fun, keep fit and don't do anything stupid! I got lucky, you may well not be....


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