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Here is something to think about ...

It must be remembered, while reading this page that compared to public school boys, politicions and news presenters - There is no reason to believe that trannies are any more interested in fetish and fantasy scenarios than the average person. Role play in girl drag is not of course, (it could be argued), any different to men dressing in Historical period costumes (drag) and re-enacting war battles. Now these may not be a sexual turn on but I am sure they stir up the adrenaline.

There are many different Images to Role Play With

It IS true SOME trannies DO have a fascination for a particular image for example Super Vixens, Bow Belles, Tarts, Maids Nurses, Schoolgirls, Secretary's, Career Women, Police, Little girls and even Baby Girls. Some go further to act out fantasy scenarios. Some go out in public in these extreme outfits to nightclubs, others like to get themselves photographed in these 'fantasy images'. Some trannies seem to exhibit fascination for a fixed image as even after many years they have juse one 'look'.

It would be true to say that some tranny support groups discourage role play in favour of 'realism'. This over the years, has possibly been the most common cause of splits and 'falling out' within groups.

Is fantasy role play MORE sexual than regular cross-dressing? - Is that the difference? Is it any MORE confusing / disturbing for tranny partners when they see trannies dressed as pre pubescent schoolgirls and such, next to trannies in clubs and magazines, in their smart little cocktail frocks ...... ?




It's all in the Mind

Like all sexual activities - Some T-Girls get sexual satifaction just by thinking about these ideas without actually doing anything. There is a lot of Fantasy Fiction to fuel this outlet ...

Miss Vera's Finishing School

Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys who want to be Girls, (in New York city USA) owes a big debt of gratitude to the sissy maids, three in particular, who scurried about in their short skirts and petticoats, allowing themselves to be photographed and interviewed at their grand opening party. Thus helping Miss Vera's gain national publicity. Had they been dressed in kahkis and camouflage they couldnt have displayed more courage. That was back in January 1993.

Miss Vera's had lots of maids back then, French maids in satins and pumps, scullery maids in serviceable cotton, even a maid in sneakers and bicycle shorts. There is an entire chapter devoted to maids in our academy textbook. But today there is a shortage of domestics. Now sophisticated career woman wins by an overwhelming majority, then fashion model... and then of course - Brides ...




Gayles Wedding Day Scenario with Miss Vera's Finishing School

We sent Gayle her homework assignment to "Create a Herstory" which asked her lots of questions about her femme self.

Gayle completed her assignment and as instructed followed it up with a phone call. She and I spoke for the first time. By now, I knew she was a serious bride and she loved ballroom dancing. Gayle also seemed quite adventurous. She wrote, "I'm interested in sexiness, flirting and meeting men who are interested in extra special girls".

Gayle arrived at Miss Vera's Finishing School who was providing an 'Ultimate Scenario'. With a wardrobe of clothes including a dozen handbags and a bridal gown, which Gayle was concerned it might be big on her. In preparation for her visit. Gayle had whittled 30 pounds, two dress sizes, from her soon-to-be hour glass figure. I gaffed, cinched, padded and prostheticizied Gayle.

Unfortunately, she was right to be concerned. The dresses swam around her.

A bridal shoot with famed photographer Mariette Pathy Allen was scheduled for the next day - I called Miss Maria Christina, the talented dressmaker who, much to my relief, said if we hurried over, she could perform emergency dressectomy and alter Gayle's dress in time.

Gayle's next day was filled with highlights including make-up, walking classes, voice and the fulfilment of one of Gayle's dreams - nail extensions which were artfully applied by Amelia at Anna Nikolla on West 57th Street, New York. Throughout the manicure Gayle and Amelia chatted like girlfriends. Everything was documented for Gayle's souvenir album. Next it was off to the restaurant LIPS for her batchelorette party. where drag waitresses impersonate famous femmes like Barbara and Judy.

The next morning Gayle reported she'd been to so excited it took her a while to fall asleep. Her only regret being that she'd had to sleep alone.

The studio of Mariette Pathy Allen, author/photographer of the book Transformations: (Crossdressers and those who love them), is located in her luxurious home, an apartment, overlooking the Hudson River and adjacent Riverside Park. Mariette had agreed to let us use the bedroom as well as her studio so we could photograph our bride getting dressed. Miss Deborah , our blonde and pretty dean of cosmetology, made sure Gayle looked beautiful.

It was an unseasonably warm morning. Outside the window, Riverside Park beckoned with colour. We were soon out the door. Gayle's veil floated in the light breeze, as she held her skirts aloft and took tiny steps in her white beaded sling-backs with Queen Anne heels.

In the park, people stopped to stare. Who can resist gazing at a bride? Gayle was in heaven. Mariette directed Gayle around the park, making use of the golden light. A group of little boys who were playing on a hill called out to her, "Happy Marriage". Their voices rang out loud and gay like wedding bells.....

(In order to maintain Gayle's privacy, these pictures are of different Trannies who also enjoy Bridal Wear).




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