TG Cyber Sex & Phone Chat Lines

The Internet

By the very nature of the internet - gender can be disguised. Pictures on the internet are digital and easily doctored with an image enhancing program. The internet can take you as far from the truth as you wish. A conversation by email in a chat room or 'one to one' requires only your imagination to take your reader on a gender trip controlled only by your understanding of wha tthe other gender thinks like and writes like. I know gilry girls (real girls) who lead on other girls by talking "like a man" - there are even girls who join chat rooms as gay guys.

The internet has thousands of sexy personal pages and websites exhibiting every kind of image. Web cameras offer real time action with no censorship. The more explicit are usually commercial and after a bit of a tease they charge pay per view. This has become a safe and lucrative business for some T-Girls to raise money for surgery.

Phone Chat Lines

Chat phone lines services have also provided T-Girls an audio opportunity and trannies and tranny admirers do get their kicks from these services. For those driven by their sexual desires, these services are a safe if expensive option for sexual relief.




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