Eddie Izzard

RichardBy Sharon Krum from ‘The Times’ Newspaper

In an interview with Eddie Izzard for ‘The Times’ Newspaper Sharon Krum reveals the transvestite “Profile” of our hero in a new depth.

In answer to questions that you yourself may have answered in our ‘Personal Profiles’. Sharon quotes Eddie as saying…..

(Our Profile question - How much of a sexual turn on is trannying for you?)

"My sexuality is straight transvestite or male lesbian," he says, explaining that he has thought carefully about the terminology he uses. "It seems that we are beyond the idea I am gay and hiding it." He is simply, he insists, a straight man who likes dressing as a woman but is simultaneously wildly attracted to them. "If I had to describe how I feel in my head, I’d say I’m a complete boy plus half a girl.

(Our Profile question - What is your definition of feminine?)

"I don’t seem to have the sixth sense that women have or their stronger senses of taste and smell. Gay men can also have it but straight men don’t."

(Our Profile question - To what degree do you feel gender dysphoric?)

I have the fun, sexy let’s-go-dress-up part of being a woman in me but not the rest.

(Our Profile question - Do you have one look or many images? What leads you to choose the styles you wear?)

"I used to buy off the peg" he says of his stage wardrobe. I had been looking for a designer for some time to really perfect the look I was going for". Which is? "Action transvestite. Somewhat military, somewhat action girl; Lara Croft by way of Marlon Brando in The Wild One. "I don’t do drag" he says, emphatically. "Drag is about glamour, pearls, wigs, sequins and that’s not where I am. What I’m doing is much more designer"

(Our Profile question - To what degree would you consider permanent hair removal, hormones, surgery?)

“I definitely have beast-envy. When teenage girls were saying, I wish I had breasts, I was thinking the same thing. ...The prospect of securing a permanent pair via sex change once contemplated, has now been abandoned ... I did consider, it but I am not going to do it because I think I would look like a boy who had changed sex. If I looked more girlie I might have already done it. Besides, I fancy women so changing sex would mean becoming lesbian.

" (Our Profile question - How often do you dress and if you go out where to?)

"What I want people to understand is this isn’t an act. This is an intrinsic part of who I am. I wear girlie stuff on the street, not just on stage.

(Our Profile question - Is make-up and hair important to you and if so how do you achieve your look?)

"I can go from blokey to girlie in 15 minutes and then I’m out the door," he says of his metamorphosis from blue jeans to blue skirt." But that’s the fastest I can do. Becoming a woman takes work."

(Our Profile question -What one piece of advice would you give to someone that has just found they are not the only tranny in the world?)

More than a few women have come on to Eddie and he admits he has thought much about why. "Well, you could say I have fame and maybe they hate all the make-up and clothes are just into the fame thing – but it doesn’t add up. I think women are really positive on it because the place that I am trying to come at is the place where girl meets boy."

Watch Eddie’s latest video to see him reveal his breast envy and try to explain the falsies. Once again the friends and family cut in ...1 “OK with the man in a frock. OK he is a bluddy good bloke (they mean bluddy good entertainer). Clothing rights yea Eddie OK but what's with the falsies if your not being a woman” There they go putting controversially the transvetites greatest ambassador into a very narrow box. I meanwhile re-adjust my bra and wonder despite their love and support what they really think of me.