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'WayOut TV Junkies' By Vicky Lee
(Vicky dishes the dirt)

I welcome calls from researchers and involvement with television programs.

I hope we have helped spread positive awareness of the tranny scene through our efforts - (god knows it pays nothing).

We have had many television crews in The WayOut Club - For these crews our rules are simple.

Camera lenses are to be covered when not actually filming

Filming is only allowed in predefined areas where people know they are being filmed.

For crowd shots we tell the club where and when we are filming on our microphone so that those that want to be out of shot can move out and those that want to be "on the telly" can get in.

In addition to the filming at the club we have helped with the research arranged for others and appeared ourselves in many programs

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'You can die from exposure'. (By Vicky Lee)

First published in The Tranny Guide 7th edition

Many television shows contact me looking for trannies for their shows.

Most researchers have a program format that calls for people in conflict.

These shows have a high risk of making the tranny look like an odd ball.

Fact One
Many trannies gain a small amount of confidence and then get all evangelical. Then they want to take their message to the people. In most cases, they are still this time, at the confused stage where they have a lot to learn about what is going on inside their heads as well as about presenting themselves in public both visually and vocally.

Fact Two
There are more and more television programs that are all too ready to pounce on an unsuspecting tranny to put on the screen. There was a time when television was trying to be worthy and open viewer's minds to the politically correct. But don't be fooled - things have changed - 'Jerry Springer' gets the highest rating and every program is trying to copy the format.

If a program asks you to go on the screen, you will invariably end up looking silly (at best). So... I don't expect this piece will put you off your evangelical path. After all I have done enough shows (and made enough mistakes).

Here are some tips and pointers to help you avoid the traps:

TIP ONE - Many of these shows want a before and after transformation. Be warned many trannies who do this appear to be a sad man, lacking confidence who becomes an over confident pastiche. This un-nerves most viewers as they see someone unbalanced and unhappy. Better to only allow a very good boy still picture to be shown and only present one character to maintain respect.

TIP TWO - Many researchers will tell you that the show they are working on aims to explain cross-dressing (in a positive light - of course). They will film you for two days and edit the piece to two minutes of sensationalism. A program would need a series to "explain" cross-dressing. Much better to insist that you will help explain a very small part of the big story. OR just go for it and give them a fun OTT bit of sensationalism and show that you do not take yourself too seriously .

TIP THREE - If you are interviewed alone as the only tranny on a show, at worst you can make yourself look silly, at best you can win support from your interviewer/audience and do us all good. However if you go on a show with alot of other trannies the presenter can draw the conclusion and USE you and the others to generalise and make it look that all trannies are whatever they want to put over.

TIP FOUR - Trannies that go on a show with a partner need to know that if the tranny out-dresses the partner it looks like an unbalanced relationship. Often a tranny takes on super confidence disguised in wig and make up but the partner does the reverse revealed in front of millions to be associated with something that she has barely come to terms with herself. The tranny speaks up confidently the partner mutters in her lap the viewer concludes that the male is enforcing his will over his subjugated partner. I am sorry but that is what it looks like.

TIP FIVE - If the show goes out at night darkly lit and the presenter wears evening wear both the tranny and the partner will look dowdy in daywear. Equally if the show is very daytime - daywear is needed. How many times have you heard the tranny asked by the daytime presenter in a smart suit would you wear 'that' to Tesco's. The worst mistake is for the tranny and partner to have totally opposite images or indeed exactly the same image as both mistakes lead to the viewer drawing the wrong conclusions about unbalanced relationship or cloning.

TIP SIX - So many trannies and partners have not learnt lesson one before stepping on a television set. You all go out there because you are happy with yourselves so SMILE, and keep on smiling. Meet interviewers and questioners confidently. Your smile will say more about you, than words ever can. I am sure that the silence from audiences over this subject comes from the fact that the audience is embarrassed by the trannies apparent embarrassment.

TIP SEVEN - Drag Queens almost always come across better on television because they appear confident. However they can also come across as too confident. Being a snotty bitch queen might work in club land but you will look like gay larger lout if you don't display a little kindness and empathy on television.

I am positively encouraging programs to use us without specific comment about our image, to talk about any subject (i.e. not the cross-dressing).

A tranny in a programme trailer can double show rating. That means we have some power and in time if we avoid the conflict traps we will get the opportunities to be shown in the positive.

Think about it - a tranny and partner on Supermarket Sweep (without comment about their image).
Now I would have a dozen super trannies for that opportunity !!!

Meanwhile ring me Vicky Lee 07778 157290 to talk about your idea and next time I get asked I will put forward your idea and your contact address etc.

But remember my advice at the beginning of this section. “You can die from exposure”.




The Richard And Judy 'This Morning' show heard about our visit to Ascot and asked us to arrange for three trannies to have a 'makeover' by their team.

After setting up the models, the 'This Morning' script was revealed. The producer wanted the trannies, (dressed male), to stage a scene at a betting office saying - 'wouldn't it be a giggle to dress up as women and see if we can get into Ascot Ladies day - Richard and Judy can you help us'.

The real story that we have been to Ascot for two years and we have been invited back with Royal Paddock passes was just not good enough for them. None of the trannies would go along with the script. I fell out with the producer and we did not do the show.

'This Morning' did the Ascot makeover for three 'real girls' the morning we were booked to appear. Strangely the tacky scene at the betting office was not required to set up the real girls makeover.

The WayOut Girls are favourites of Richard he boasted "I have your picture on my fridge". The WayOut Girls have been on the 'This Morning' show three time and Steffan once more. On one occasion the show forgot to clear the use of the Spice Girls music and got slapped a very big fine.



For the second time The Kilroy show wanted to do a show on cross-dressing relationships.

I know that, along with others, I gave hours to the researchers for this show. Unlike a previous time with Kilroy the researchers actually came to 'The WayOut Club'. I was impressed and stood on the stage and appealed for contributors to the show.

Janet Scott also went on the show representing 'The Beaumont Society'. She has a wealth of relationship and life stories to draw upon, as I do having met new couples every week for six years at 'The WayOut Club'.

For this show I arranged for a good-looking trendy mid twenties tranny with his equally good-looking girlfriend to represented the younger honest modern tranny. I arranged for a few experienced couples who are happy and confident to both dress up and go out and party but do not take cross-dressing into their sex lives or in front of their young children.

When we got to the studio there were two or three trannies that the researchers had found that I describe before as "newly out confused and evangelical". The researchers had also found two couples that have a relationship that revolves around the fact that the female partner encourages the male to dress and to have sex with her dressed. The two couples with the encouraging females on the front row were mic’d up and more than a third of the show was given to exploring their experience.

Then Kilroy talked to a 'confused' (single) tranny with a sad story (who lets face it looked a little dodgy) asking them to stand up and to give him a twirl. He made no use of Janett's experience, our young trendy couples, or my own experiences.

The result of this show can only be that most viewers will be consider that tranny relationships are destructive and sad and that any accepting female partners like kinky sex with hubby dressed in his frillies which is very rarely the case.

Was that the end of it NO

I was contacted again a few months later and asked to take part in another Kilroy SHOW Take Two again on ‘Transvestite relationships’.

Kilroy Show - "Take Two"

I immediately said "no way" based on the way that the research and contributors were treated only a few months before. I was contacted again a few minutes later to be told that - yes the Kilroy team agreed that the previous program "lost the plot" but that changes had been made. Fewer contributors will be booked. Adequate time would be allowed for each contribution and Robert will "stick to the cards". The complete production team will be doing everything to make the program work. Then notes about my own relationship collected for the earlier program were read back to me and in short the researcher pleaded with me to come back on the show to allow my story to be explored in full. I provided a still picture of myself with my partner Lesley and the article about us in last years 'Tranny Guide'.

Despite my better judgement I was convinced by the promises.

A few days later I was told that the program was short of couples but they had a mother and tranny son. On the strength of this I offered a family of mother, father and tranny son who were supportive understanding and could offer advice and support to the other family whilst exploring how they have come to terms with their relationships.

How were we all treated this time?

Before the recording I was shown the running order and was told when I would be expected to give my story. I was asked to be bubbly and feisty. I was told to join in and make comment about others statements.

The first couple "interviewed" were great - In their 70s very open, and quite possibly the best couple I have seen talk if they had been allowed to ... BUT Kilroy handled them like they were a couple of weirdo's as he painted a sordid picture from his imagination of the wifes first discovery of her cross-dressing partner. I cringed.

I feel it is Kilroys words and his relationship with this couple - not their relationship with each other, that the viewer will remember.

When the father, Ray, said he was “proud of his tranny son” despite the spontaneous support of the whole studio forum - Kilroy pushed ahead with his own reaction saying that he “failed to see what Ray could be proud about".and furthermore deriding him for helping his tranny son to perform using his cross-dressing skill.

Kilroy was not inspiring discussion, with shock tactics. In my opinion he was expressing his own feelings and allowed no further discussion.

When I did comment on this attack on Ray and his son - he brusquely told me to shut up and wait my turn.

Now to my own case - I was promised that the relationship with my partner, how it has survived and what we have learnt from the experiance would be featured prominently and would be explored in full.

Kilroy made no attempt to interview me though he did gesticulate (off camera), when others were talking, encouaging me to cut in. I did not try to cut in at this point as another person was talking and it would have been rude of me to interupt with no good reason.

A simple phrase from Kilroy such as "what has been your experience?" would have been enough to start an "interview" with me (as promised).

Eventually when I did get to say something, I was cut off after just a few seconds all I managed to say was

"that I recognised a lot of what the first couple said and that I had suffered depression and illness myself".

My story went no further .... leaving my partner and myself misrepresented and exposed.

After the show all of the production of the team and reaserchers apologised profusley. Mr Kilroy Silk was off like a rabbit out of a trap without a word.


But thats NOT the end of the story as a year later a new set of researchers were back to again put a Kilroy show together.

I refused to have anything to do with this new show. The BBC Kilroy program then sent 3 researchers to The WayOut Club to find out why I would not go on the Kilroy show or help find others to do the show.

They need not have troubled themselves as they could have read why here on my website (which is what I told their telephone researcher).

So they were actually at the club to "persuade me". None of these 3 were working with Kilroy last time I did the show, when I had been disgusted at the way Kilroy treated and spoke to the tranny guests, I said to them then what I said to the team after my third experiance.

"come back to me when you have finished working with Kilroy and I will help you all I can with what ever program you are researching - untill then forget it"

Despite this clear statement - during the next week the "executive producer" rang me and tried to persuade me to see things differently. After nearly an hour he received the same reply.




For the 'Michael Cole' show for UK Living I spent six hours with the researcher trying to ensure the same mistakes would not be made and having been given the impression that Janett and I would be interviewed in depth about tranny relationships backed up by an interview with one couple I set off to the show.

On the day of recording three more couples were recruited that I did not know about and our interviews were cut.

One couple was tricked into giving two different accounts of how cross-dressing entered their relationship which was picked up and used to embarrass them.

The two other trannies in couples admitted proudly (whilst Dr Russell Reid was explaining once again that transvestism rarely leads on to transsexualism) that they were both on hormones under his care! oops !!

Of course the most sensational part of this show became the introduction of an encouraging female partner who arrived on set in a full dominatrix outfit complete with strap on dildo. The show had asked the tranny partner to also dress this way but he had firmly declined. (when the show went out the dildo was technically blurred out).

Michael Cole approached every couple with negative questioning, digging for what problems the couple had and got the negative stories he was looking for.

Now I have respect for each and every couple and know that a good show could be made with any one of them - BUT having them all on the same show leaves viewers confused thinking that trannies are all looking for hormones and a partner with a dildo.




(I love Trisha and hope she is given a more mature format to work with), lets face it the trailer trash relationships, fat and thin have got boring.

The Trisha Show - was very accommodating to the cross-dressing story significantly bending their format to achieve a positive tranny programme.

I had the fun of opening the show dressed and made up as Trisha. She was really nice to me and helped me make the most of my spot reading the auto cue in her shoes (and lipstick actually).

The show started with Celeste and Niky two loud queeny drag queens and their long suffering straight friend.

The audience was really great - giving a very supportive and positive reaction to the whole concept of "being yourself and expressing yourself".

On another occasion my good friend and beautician Nas got a raw deal as she was said to be providing a makeover for another tranny guest who freaked out before the show at the clothes bought by the show and threatened not to go on unless he could wear his own clothes.

After 20 minutes Nas had him made up as requested by the show - he freaked again and took it all off and redid it in 6 minutes.

We all thought he could have looked a lot better if he had taken advice and Nas was upset about her reputation. But when he returned to the studio the audience applauded his resolve and personality. And so did Nas and I.

The following is part of one of the letters I received after that Trisha Show sent in by a correspondent who runs a dressing service.

Dear Vicky, I Saw the programms on Trisha, why... why.... You looked good dressed as a woman and passing as such. But the two drag queens?? they are not a representative of the transvestites that I work with ...

I was disappointed in the programme. The young man who was made up as a woman. I would never have turned him out dressed like that.

You should meet one of my 'girls', she is very stylish, up with all the trends and passes wherever I take her. Surely this is what all trannies should aim for.

If you want to expose the female side of men and have it accepted, then do not antagonise the other sex who would pick holes in the subjects portrayed on the programme. I have a lot more to say on the subject, but await your reply to the above .. in trepidation...

This is part of the answer I sent back.

Dear Correspondent,

I know - I know ... It is so hard to get a program together that really hits exactly the right buttons.

However I think you missed the point with this one. Firstly the show did not set out to talk about "transvestites" it set out to talk about the wider reference "men that wear women's clothes". I think the show was very successful because the average viewer (Statistics say that they all read the tabloids and watch the soaps) identify with the audience and the presenter on these shows not the guests. They want to be part of the crowd not individuals.

Now - If you watched and listened to the audience they were very supportive to the cross-dressers. At the end of the day if the average viewer see enough of this kind of audience reaction they will pick this up and copy it in their daily lives - If this happens then the show did what I hoped it would do. That is - to make it easier for me and every other cross-dresser to mix in public without being judged as sick or perverted.

Jerry Springer whether we like it or not IS the biggest rating show world wide. Other shows are trying to compete by trying the same formula. We have to learn how to use this highly popular medium to improve OUR rating.

The disgusted sister was to a large degree acting to fit the format and get "on the telly". The audience hated her and sided with her cross-dressing brother which did us all a favour.

On the subject of Drag Queens please believe me, most drag queens are cross-dressers too - many gay trannies hide behind drag to do their cross-dressing and often find it harder to come out as trannies than gay.

In my experience when Mr & Mrs Average meet cross-dressing face to face (or at least on television), reactions are evenly split.

Some accept an obvious OTT drag queen as safe pantomime fun. Others find them an affront. Some will appear to accept a well dressed, passable, cross-dresser however they rarely understand it and often find it frightening especially in their own family.

I would love you and your 'girls' to provide a better image on a future television show. However I suspect like many others, your customer, quite rightly, is not ready for that kind of exposure. But without some one breaking down the barriers - trannies everywhere will continue to suffer the pain of the closet (which nearly killed me).

Thank you for inspiring me to write this reply. I hope it may be useful for other to read in an article that I am preparing for the Tranny Guide. (of course without any reference to you personally).

Best Regards Vicky Lee



*"SPICE OFF" I don't think so...

Original WayOut Spice Girls reunited to appear on Eastenders - And to appear on Eastenders in front of 8million viewers.

Flying to LA Paula Pure coincidentaly read in the Virgin in flight magazine that the 'Spice Girls' as a group has been keeping a low profile unlike drag tribute act 'The WayOut Spice Girls'. To prove the point while Paula toured LA and Las Vegas, The BBC screened East Enders (to an average viewing audience 8million), featuring a story line based around the E20 nightclub advertising a spice tribute without telling the squares macho lads that it was a drag tribute. For the recording Miss Karla (now living in Ibiza), joined Steffan, Paula, Miss Debonaire and Sarah Lloyd to be told by Bepe "Spice Off" OK so the script wasn't very positive, it wasn't politically correct... But 8 million viewers were left to think were the boys over re- ACTING? Of course as we know, real Eastenders would have called for more.




Digital Sex was a 6 part series on Chanel 4 Yes a six part series which included footage from The WayOut Club, Sarah Lloyds bedroom and even included the director Mark in drag at the club. This program pulled no punches but represented the WayOut Club very well.

The program went out on Chanel 4 midnight Saturday from 1th October 2000 - look out for repeats.

NOW Mark has been in touch again for contacts to make a second series.

Dear Vicky Lee

Thanks for the chat today, I'm happy that you were pleased with the episode in the first series that you featured in and thanks for any help with this series in advance. For Digital Sex 2, we are looking for people who can talk about these questions:

Has changing your gender been a sexual high ?

Are you a man who go on lesbian internet sex lines/chat rooms as women/lesbians?

Are you a tranny who previously only had sex with women and now have sex with men?

Are you transitioning from MTF or FTM and your sexuality has clearly changed?

Do you regard yourself as inbetween the sexes?

Are you a post-op transsexual who have alternatively had sex with men and women?

Are you a man or woman who's surgery has made their sex lives better?

If you are interested in talking about these issues on CH4 TV call Amory or Tamsin in confidence at Ricochet TV: 0207 251 6966 or email:


Winner- Erotic award 2001 for Best Film/Documentary featured Vicky Lee and The Way Out club in the first series. Has changing your gender or having cosmetic surgery affected your sex life? The second Channel 4 series is looking for pre and post-op Transsexuals to talk about these subjects. If you would like to talk further Please call Amory or tamsin on 0207 251 6966 in confidence or email



*WAYOUT WEBSITE REVIEWED ON TELEVISION While sitting here working on the new Tranny Guide I was very excited to catch on television a review of on Chanels 3's 'The Web Review'. On the program the script was the review that follows but seeing our familiar spinning WayOut logo with screen shot after screen shot from our site nearly had me fall of my chair. The review is also on their website under 'lifestyles' and will move into their 'archive' of reviews at the end of the week.

Here is the review review by Katherine Harvey

For The Web Review midnight Tuesday 1st November 2000 ITV Chanel 3

This site is for those of you who love putting on make-up, slipping on silk and lace and dressing up in skirts and high heels for a night on the tiles. And as I'm not talking about the women out there, then you must be way out. is part of the 'Way Out' transvestites club. This site has everything about the club from how it got started to information on products like ‘The Tranny Bible’. But the main crux is the club night itself, which is held in the heart of London on Saturday nights. If you're a new tranny, find out about their special welcome and how to get your make-up and nails done. You can check out the club section for details of their annual events, which include the Alternative Miss London and the Drag Olympics. And if you're looking for inspiration there are loads of pictures from the hosts themselves to The Way Out girls - a tranny version of The Spice Girls.

The thing I like about the site is that it really has a sense of humour whilst being sensitive to the issues involved. While I can't begin to understand why grown men would want to wear high heels and knickers, I can imagine that it must be hard to be a first timer. There's loads of encouragement and practical advice on the site and I understand that the club is open to open-minded non-trannies too.

So if you go, you can spot the transvestites because they are the most glamorous, with the best hair and make-up - and the Adam's apple. .......... RATING: 7/10




What ever next?? - Claudia Winkleman interviewd Vicky Lee for the 'Tiger Aspects' series 'Toilets'

The series of 6 x 30min programs starts 14th January on BBC Choice at 11pm (and repeated infinitum thereafter wherever good satelite and cable is available). The program explores the history, ettiquete, and future of our most useful addition to civilisation. Why talk to Vicky? Well as an inbetweenie she can comment on the difference between the way men and women use them. Was Claudia as nice as she looks? Nicer and Vicky has invited her to visit her 'cottage' anytime she is passing. Try and catch it.




Someone is influencing the public with the brilliant drip, drip of oh so subtle mentions of cross-dressing into advertising and programming.

For example "At the weekend my name is Mandy" and who saw the trailers from Ericson in-between 'Fraser' on Channel 4 - Obscure straight man talking to fridge "This weekend I am dating a transvestite" …. "Do you think she was annoyed that I looked better in her dress?" …. "I think I will see her again".

The 'Celebrations' advert with the undercover cops "Men"... and the bounce advert to name but a few




These were my best bit of telly.

With Katrina and doctor Pam Spurr for Sex Files on UK Living I was interviewed about the club and Tranny sex lives for a full 15 mins and it was really good. I got to sing at the end of the show (my first time - now I know what "bum twitch" means). This program was repeated SO many times that I was told by a number of people, "I saw you on Sex Files again the other night - the song you did this time was better than the first on!!".

On Little john I was interviewed with my friend Sophie about going to Ascot Ladies day. But the best bit was getting to sing 'Knock on Wood' with a full band - I was high as a kite for two weeks after that experiance.




A high profile show at 10pm on Channel 5 really did it for me when they put together a program together called Tranny of the Year.

On the same night they showed a documentary about my friend Miss Veronica Vera's New York Finishing School and a few other tranny bits (shame they could not have put a film in the middle to complete an evening of tranny veiwing).

The night was publicised as 'Tranny Night' and was picked up as the "choice" of the evening by most papers and magazines.

Channel 5 must have been delighted.

Off the telly they held heats in various gay clubs around the country.

At The Sound Republic under London's Leicester Sq they set up a flashy studio to record the final.

High profile judges included:

Jenny Eclair
Patsy Palmer
Scott (what is his name - gay comedian in Star Wars),
Wayne Hemmingway (Red or Dead).

Six finalists were interviewed, (in a young, funky chaotic way) by Ruby Wax and Miss Kymberly (without as much as a mention that Kym is a tranny).

Parents and friends of contestants were highlighted in the very supportive audience while the contestants danced a routine together and also gave solo performances.

The whole thing looked like a party which is exactly what it was. A party to celebrate Trannies.

The very girly Davina was chosen by the judges and a pole here on our web site confirmed that most people liked this choice.

Davina is very fresh faced, very girly, curvy (not too skinny), confident in a shy way and what every young tranny wants to look like.

It was good to see that the judges of this high profile show thought that Davina was what the current tranny scene was all about, in comparison to androgyny, lady boy and drag queen. Davina is a true miss Transgender.

Channel 5 are considering making the program (which was based on a successful Dutch show) into a series.




Before Jerry's show became a total circus show, my friends Stewart and Ruth flew over to the USA to do a show which treated there whole story with interest and respect. We some times show it on the screen at The WayOut Club.

However his format has gone all the way to hell - even he says that. We all know Jerry's love of trannies on his program (looks a bit suspect to me - sorry no hot gossip).

Jerry seems to be on a mission to tell trannies not to mislead men which is not a bad idea. But how bad does his show make people look.

When Jerry came to do a series of shows in England every one on the Tranny scene was called. I must have been called three times per day and I know that many others were too.

It would have been all too easy to fake something up to get "on the telly" BUT WE ALL SAID NO.




Our WayOut Spice Girls have been regulars on Carltons Friday night 'End of the week show', Blonde Ambition - Ch 5 and Richard & Judy's This Morning - about 5 times.

The WayOut Club has helped with a number of programs who have filmed at the club writing such as

'UK Raw' - Channel 5.
Michael Cole - UK Living
'Basic Instincts' on Sky One and two
Little John Live - Sky One .... I loved that one I got to sing with a fab band.
Kilroy - BBC
Trisha - GMTV
Sex Files - UK Living
Sex in Suburbia - Ch 5 With Jodie and Jenny
British Sex - Sky One - We have done two pieces with them.

These are repeated frequently and are also shown worldwide (My family have seen me in 'British Sex' in Australia).

More recently we have been part of:
The Bill,
Digital Sex,
Big Breakfast,
Toilets with Claudia Winkleman
East Enders

We arranged for a number of Tranny extras for the penultimate episode of the hit comedy:

'Drop The Dead Donkey' - (and did they give us some dodgy syrups to work with).

The list would be longer but I can't remember them all.