'The Tranny Guide Awards'



'The Tranny Guide Awards'

It was at another one of those great brainstorming sessions, over a cappucino, in Old Compton Street back in 1998, that the Tranny Guide Awards was conceived.

I had just completed the sixth Tranny Guide book and was keen to thank the contributors and as always we needed a new entertainment for a night at The WayOut Club.

I have always loved the Oscars and The Brits etc... So I followed the format. Each award ceremony has offered contributers a chance to congratulate each other and give speeches while we invite celebrities to perform between awards.

In 1999 a surprise guest Lady Bunny from New York surprised us. Back in 1998 I needed a guest to recieve an award for Marlayna Lacie in Los Angeles. Tammy from Texas took to the podium and gave a great speach in her wonderful accent - she suprised me later by telling me this was her first night in drag.




MANDY ROMERO for her 'World tour'


Other nominations (from 22 reports) read by Steffan Whitfield were: -

Scarlet Sometimes - for 'A broad abroad'
Eva Fruitee - for 'Egypt, Paris & Rome'
Hannah Mannah - for 'Sydney Australia'
Nikki - for 'Brittany'
Charis Berger - for 'Germany support groups and entertainment'
Marlayna Lacie - for West coast USA -
Girl Talk magazine - for 'Breaking down the pin up barrier'
Nancy L Boots - for East coast USA
Simply Gorgeous magazine - for 'New York Diary'.


The winner the BEST UK CONTRIBUTION is ...
Dani could not be down south (too much to do up north??)


Other nominations (from 14 reports) read by Peter White of were: -

Andy - for 'Gothic Trannies'
Stella, Nikki & Debs - for 'Tranny grange'
Lorraine Walker - for 'Scotland'
Jodie Lynn - for London


The winner of the BEST PHOTOGRAPHIC contribution is ...
NIKKI for 'The lady boys of Thailand'
Nikki was on holiday that week (another report maybe??)


Other nominations (from over 1000 pictures) read by Dusty O tranny celebrity DJ and model were: -

Frederica De Jonge - for 'Alexis Arquette, Wigstock, Holland & Goths'
Pandora De Pledge - for 'Don't pluck use plastic and many pictures throughout the book'
Jodie Lynn - for 'Out and about on the town'
Eva Fruitee - for 'exceptional pictures for her reports Egypt, Paris & Rome'


PANDORA DE PLEDGE was presented with an extra SPECIAL surprise award for the update photo shoot of me Vicky Lee and the encouragement to use a picture of me on the cover. This choice was very hard for me given that there was such an amazing choice of pictures to use. Thank you to all those that have congratulated me on the choice.

(P.S To the anonymous person who spent 19 pence on a stamp to send me the cover picture with the words "your ugly, fat and now your old". I KNOW (read the first arrticle in the book) but at least I put my name to my work and I'm proud of what I have done over the last 10 years ... Are you?...)

At the award ceremony my life partner Lesley (and director of WayOut Publishing) read the nomination for the Special Award and said:

"Pandora has captured in the picture, feminity of the heart and soul instead of the stilleto heeled stereotype. It was a brave decision by Vicky to use it on the cover".


My greatful thanks go to:

Colin - photographer for these pictures,
Miss Sarah Lloyd
for organising everything and keeping the event flowing smoothly,
for lending me the dress and shoes again,
Lesley for her wonderful support and encouragment and last but not least Miss Paula Pure who collected the award for Dani and entertained us between each award




Thousands queued for tickets for tickets to see Madonna scuffles broke out harsh words were spoken. If they had wanted to see Madonna they should have come to WayOut.

On the 14th of April the stage for the Tranny Guide Awards was a gold stretch limo. Just a small clue of what was to come. As with any good ceremony, awards were presented between spectacular performances (in tribute to ‘The Brits’) Miss Debonair was on top form as Maddona with DJ Titch as Ali Gee. Ambre and Steffan was joined by Miss Debs to closed the show with an arrangement based on Charlies Angel’s by Destiny’s Child.


Frederike de Jonge - for The cover - Amsterdam - Venice and Wigstock
The Boudoir - for Life Style or Fetish Fantasy - Foundations and many other sections for the WayOut of the Closet
In Time Studio - for The Tranny Journey and Choosing an Image for WayOut of the Closet


The nominations for THE BEST UK PERSONAL REPORT were:

Stacey Christie - for Birmingham update
Donna Gee - for Manchester update
Loraine Walker - for Scotland update
Andrea - for London Shopping Trip


The nominations for THE BEST INTERNATIONAL REPORT were

Karen - for Australia NSW
Rebecca Ball - for Australia Melbourn
Nessa Glen - for Austria
Pamela - for Belgium
Rebecca - for Denmark
Charis Berger - for Germany
Andrea - for Prague
Marlayna Lacie - for West Coast USA
TG Forum - for USA Bars and Clubs
Nikki - for Las Vegas


The Award for best UK report was collected by Loraine Walker for her report on her local Scotland.


Best International report went to Charis Berger for an exelent 20 page report on Germany. Charis could not be there on the night but Frederike de Jonge who introduced me to Charis was there from Holland and collected the award, soon to be back to the stage to collect a joint award for the

best Photographic contribution as Frederike de Jonge shared the award with Jodi Lynn and Pandora De Pledge.




The Tranny Guide Awards 2000 ceremony was held on Saturday 18th March. We were very lucky to be able to get none other than Geri Halliwell (by Steffan) and Michael Jackson (by Fraser) to perform between awards.

The nominations for BEST PERSONAL UK REPORT were:

Tink - for Brighton
Lorraine Walker - for Scotland
Donna - for Manchester
Stacey - for Birmingham
Tina - Gloustershire

THE WINNERS WAS ... DONNA - For Manchester



Phaedra Kelly - for her international report
Margaret - for Moscow in Russia
Marlayna Lacie - for The West Coast USA
Miss Vera - for New York
Nikki - for Thailand
Angela - for Switzerland
Deb Pike - for Canada
Rebbeca - for Copenhagen
Steffan - for Paris, Canne, Ibiza, Rome, Gran Caneria
Fredreike de Jonge - for Amsterdam
Zil Femele - for Tokyo in Japan
Inma - for Barcelona in Spain

THE WINNER WAS ... NIKKI - For Thailand


The nominations for BEST ARTICLE contribution were:

Raven Snook - A Drag Queen in a womans body
Fraser - I am not a drag queen
Tasleen - for "your never too old"

THE WINNER WAS ... TASLEEN - For "your never too old"


The nominations for BEST PHOTOGRAPHIC contribution were:

Debbie Humphry - for her Foto Feature
Nikki - for pictures from Thailand
Frederike de Jonge - for the cover
Frank Marino in Liberaces bath tub, Wigstock, Amsterdam
Tasleen from In-Time Studios - for pictures for "The WayOut of the Closet"

THE WINNER WAS ... FREDERIKE - For 'fab' pics.


A special award was given to Pandora De Pledge just for being my hairdresser and body guard......hehehehehehehe.




1999 Best intl report - Frederike de Jonge - for Wigstock & Amsterdam

1999 Best UK report - Helen - for South West England

1999 Best article - Diana (WOBS) - for womens Questions answed by women

1999 Best photographic - In Time Studios

1998 Best new comer - In Time Studios

1998 Best dressing service - Linda's (of Ascot fame)

1998 Best International report - Marlayna Lacie - for USA West Coast

1998 Best UK report - Stacey Christie for Birmingham

1998 Best photographic - Clare Taylor

1998 Special award for long service, (Jean of Cover Girl Shoes 69 years)