'Re-occuring Rocky' - From 10th Edition of The Tranny Guide

'ROCKY START' By Vicky Lee

Here is my story of discovery - use and abuse of Rocky - I can see you shiver with antici .pation.

Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show, has provided the opportunity for thousands to put aside inhibitions and dress up without fear of, (too much), reprisal.

Back a million light years, (in the 1970s), when I first met my partner Lesley, the Rocky Horror Show, was playing on stage in the Kings Road Chelsea, (the theatre is now a cinema). We went to see the show as one of our first 'dates'. Many of the actors went on to be in the film cast including Richard O'B, Pat Quin, Little Nell and Tim Curry. (I wish I had a program). The show was the first 'alternative' stage show we had seen. At this point we were "know nothing" kids from the suburbs, brought up on Carousel and Christmas panto's. I knew I was a tranny and I wanted Lesley to know I was a tranny.

I did not pluck up courage at that point but at least her enjoyment of the show, let me know she was not repulsed by the concept. Our next meeting with Rocky was in the film 'Fame'. The cool kids take Doris to a late night showing of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. For some reason I don't think at that time I was aware of the film. Here were cool NYC kids dressing up and getting up on stage singing along with the movie.

In the same year, Lesley, me and best mate Chris took a holiday in a surf village in Cornwall called 'Skewjack'. This was an extraordinary place run by, (ex Pink Fairies Chris South), where pretty much anything was possible. At night the place went mad in the disco, followed by a day on beach to sleep off the hangover. One wet day, Chris offered two choices - trip to a tin mine (again), or a movie on video (videos were a new invention). "What movie?"

Chris offered a choice and one was Rocky Horror. (A pirate copy - sorry Richard O'B).

The camp full of teens and twenties watched the film with their jaws on the floor. The next day it rained again. "Rocky Horror" Every one wanted to see the movie again. Me, Lelly and Chris sat at the front with all the props and did the Fame thing. Friday night at 'Skewjack' was always a fancy dress night. Well you have never seen so many sweet transvestites.

We went to 'Skewjack' every year for 10 years, always on August bank Holiday. A growing group of friends made this weekend their holiday date too. Every time Lesley packed more stockings and suspender belts than swimming costumes. On one occasion we had the full cast and acted out most of the movie. Still in the closet I was always Riff Raff. Lesley was Magenta. Chris was Frankenfurter.

One time a big biker joined us as 'Eddie'. As we got ready, (which I remember, meant drinking lots of cider), big biker, dropped his trousers to show us all his stockings and suspender belt. Someone called out, "Eddie doesn't wear stockings" - "This one does" he replied.

Some of the friends we met in Cornwall came to London to university. "They are having a 'Rocky Horror' night at uni - wana come". About ten of us got ready. For the very first time I shaved my legs and did the full Frankenfurter. It turned out that the screening was at the university film club. It was full of earnest young people with note books, ready to 'study' the movie. We were the only ones dressed up with our water pistols and newspapers. We sure got some funny looks in the intermission bar.

For eight years at WayOut we avoided doing anything from Rocky Horror. It seemed too obvious. However in 2000 I saw the stage show with Jason Donovan. The audience was wild. It was time to do a tribute at The WayOut Club. We put together props, scenery and a soundtrack and acted out all the best bits with the whole audience joining in the 'Time Warp' dance. It was a smash hit night and we have made it our Halloween week fixture.

Richard O'Brien has given many of us the opportunity to not just "dream it" but to "be it". His words have become my life.

So when I received a call one sleepy Sunday morning and heard.

"Richard O'Brien here - You might not know me - I am best known for writing The Rocky Horror Show".

You can imagine I turned to jelly

Vicky Lee - After meeting Richard I would like to report that he is as warm and nice a person as he is eccentric, (and we like eccentric).

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is available on video picture disc CD and tape. But best of all it is available on DVD with hours of extras and commentaries.

Cult movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show plays in movie houses world wide & The stage show plays around the theatres world wide catch it when you can.

The WayOut Tribute to the Rocky Horror Show is November

The official Rocky Horror web site includes exclusive video clips I recommend a visit to this excellent site

The pictures in the left hand strip are all from the WayOut Club tribute to the Rocky Horror Show